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  Suspension Welder - Portable Welding Machine
Suspension Welder

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Portable Spot Welders are also available in a Gun-type fixture as Suspension welder which is suspended by a spring balance and hooked wire-rope. It is moveable over the job where the job is too heavy to handle it on the welder. The large Spot-Guns with reasonably long throat depth carry water-cooled kick-less cables to transfer the secondary currents to the gunfrom a grounded weld-transformer.

Some varieties of equipment with small guns are available with integral transformer. In this case the gun and transformer form one assembly and the assembly is suspended. Guns can be of various designs as per the job-configuration. Normally these Spot-Welders are pneumatically operated and connected to a fabricated boom or structure via spring balancer. Customer should provide full job details and production rate envisaged to get the offer.