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  Spot Welding Machines (1-300 KVA)
Spot Welding Machine available in press type, suspention type and portable spot welding machines type, Manufacturer & exporter by kriton,India Table Mounted, pedal type, pneumatic type spot welding machines & equipments manuracturing company in India, Kriton Weld Equipments Pvt Ltd
  • Press Type
  • Suspension Type / Portable
  • Table Mounted
  • Pedal / Pneumatic
Sheet Metal Component Manufacturing
Stitch Welding
Cross-Wire Welding
Resistance Heating
1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 .............................. up to 300 KVA Range
  Supply Input
  230/415V, Single Phase, 50Hz (3 phaze DC Models also available)
  Control Options
  • Weld Timer
  • Microprocessor based programmable weld-controller
  • FRL for pnenumatics
  • Custom-built electrodes/Fixtures as per job
  • 'F' class insulated epoxy coils
 Multi spot welding machine & resistance spot welding machine suitable for sheet metal component manufacturing,stitch welding etc., by kriton in India- Image Special Purpose welding machine,multi spot resistance welding machine suitable for cross wire welding,electro-braging,resistance heating - Image
 Multi Spot / Special Purpose