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Since 1973, KRITON manufactures nearly a hundred types of models in various capacities in Arc Welding and Resistance Welding Equipments. Kriton has two manufacturing units at G.I.D.C., Makarpura, Baroda and G.I.D.C., Por - Ramangamdi.  with complete manufacturing and testing facilities.

All welding machines at KRITON Welders are strictly manufactured as per ISS/RWMA (USA) standards, incorporating latest technological developments and controls with highest order of quality & performance.

Acquiring competitive position in welding industry. KRITON performs all activities of transformer manufacturing, fabrication, machining of parts, electronic control manufacturing along with well set testing, all in house with topmost quality control and supervision.

Welding machines manufacturer KRITON, has wide range of special purpose welding machines suitably designed for customer's job and production requirements. Latest electronic controls & automation for SPM machines are routine at KRITON.

KRITON with its highly qualified and technically trained team has developed various welding equipments in Resistance
and Arc welding machines with latest addition in series of Overlap Seam Welders of special designs and controls used in steel processing industries and steel plants having Continuous Galvanizing, Pickling, Annealing, Cleaning, Tension leveling, Slitting etc. lines of CR sheets.

The welding machines include minimum overlap welders, C-frame welding, Prep-lap welding equipments too.

Let it be industrial application of day to day welding application, KRITON has reached everywhere. Right from small kitchenware or wires and cables to Automobile manufacturing or its auxiliary, KRITON welding machines are used for optimum efficiency in production.